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Best practices to prevent warping issue of the Blaux Bath Mat

What caused the warping? 

  • Diatomite content in the bath mat absorbs water - the higher the concentration of diatomite, the more water it will absorb.
  • Water absorption will usually cause a gradual deformation of the bath mat. That’s why most commercial diatomite bath mats range in the area of 50-80% diatomite content. The remaining content is comprised of a bonding agent which maintains the shape and condition of the bath mat.
  • The Blaux Bath Mat contains 70% diatomite and 30% bonding agent/structural resin.
  • Some mat deformation should be expected but it shouldn’t create a slipping or tripping hazard.
  • Warping along the edge of the bath mat is most often due to the following reasons:
    • The center of the bath mat is the area where most water absorption will take place.
    • The edges and corners dry out faster which creates tension and warping in the bath mat.
    • The soft traction liner can cause water to pool in the center of the bath mat, creating uneven drying.
    • The warping can increase in intensity depending on:
      • The temperature of your bathroom,
      • Whether your floor is heated or not,
      •  High humidity levels,
      • How uneven your floor is.

To fix the warping issue: 

  • Most warping occurs after the bath mat gets wet the first time. Please do the following to reduce the warping effect:
    • We strongly suggest wetting the top and bottom of the bath mat evenly before your first use. This will ensure that the proper level of moisture has been consistently applied to the entire bath mat.
    • When air drying, make sure to lay the bath mat on a flat, even surface.
    • Do not use a manual heat source to dry the bath mat (e.g., hair dryer). Let it air dry on its own.
    • Do not apply any pressure or bend to the bath mat as it dries.
  • For minor warping after the first use:
    • Make sure to wet the top and bottom of the bath mat evenly.
    • Flip the bath mat upside down to air dry - add a small weight on top of the mat while air drying to minimize any deformation.
    • The Blaux Bath Mat can be used upside down as well. 

For regular use:

  • If the bath mat is completely saturated with water, remove the traction liner and place the bath mat upright against a wall. This will allow the mat to quickly and evenly dry.
  • Warping should be minimal if the above recommendations are followed. If needed, the user is able to correct warping by following the above guidelines.


Heat Up Your Space Quickly and Safely
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