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FAQ Blaux Cleanse

  • How can I make sure I always get a steady stream of water from my Blaux Cleanse?

Make sure that the nozzles are clean and unclogged. You can also use a small, toothbrush-sized brush to clean the nozzle. A bit of vinegar may be helpful if your home has particularly hard water.

Also, make sure you have Blaux Cleanse’s T-nozzle set wide open to allow the largest water flow.

  • How do I make sure my Blaux Cleanse doesn’t leak any water?

Make all of the plumbing connections before installing the Blaux Cleanse.

When attaching the plumbing lines together, make certain to wrap each fixture’s threads with white plumber’s tape. 

This tape guarantees a solid, waterproof connection between all fixtures. 

Also, make sure that each of the fixtures is firmly hand-tightened to ensure a tight seal.

  • What tools do I need to install Blaux Cleanse?

To install your Blaux Cleanse, you will need the following items:

- A Phillips head screwdriver 

- An adjustable wrench 

- A bowl or small container to catch drips

- A small roll of white plumber's tape

  • What should I do if the included connector or hose is not long enough for use in my restroom?

Blaux Cleanse uses standard-size fittings that can be found at any plumbing supply store or chain hardware store such as Home Depot, Lowes, Osh, or Ace. 

Simply bring your hose with you and tell the employee that you need the same hose or connector but with a longer length. 

Make sure you measure the length you need before going to the store for a replacement.

  • What do I do if I need a different size of the T-adapter?

Your local plumbing supply or chain hardware store will have the correct fitting and adapter for your home. Simply approach an employee in the plumbing section and ask for the correct adaptor.

  • How can I clean my Blaux Cleanse?

Clean your Blaux Cleanse unit with a mild cleaner like Windex or Simple Green, or use a diluted dish detergent with a neutral pH, such as Dawn or Joy.

Do not use any harsh chemicals such as bleach or scouring powders, as they can damage the nozzles.

  • Is the Blaux Cleanse difficult to use?

No! Just use your toilet as usual. And if someone doesn’t want to use your Blaux Cleanse, they can still use toilet paper!

  • Does Blaux Cleanse make a lot of noise when you use it?

Not at all! Even when on maximum pressure, the Blaux Cleanse is almost whisper quiet.

  • Can Blaux Cleanse be used in any bathroom? 

With any kind of toilet? - Blaux Cleanse will easily attach to any standard style toilet you can buy. This includes 99% of the toilets on the market.

  • Is it uncomfortable to use if I’ve never used a bidet before?

No, Blaux Cleanse is designed to be gentle but at the same time, provide a better clean than traditional toilet paper alone.

Heat Up Your Space Quickly and Safely
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